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Burglarybuster 1

The Solution for Opening-Outward Double French Doors Containing Single or Double Handle(s)

Our main aim here is to secure residents against attack by transforming the weakest door in the home into the safest. Opening-outward French doors are easily prised open from outside; however, our unique and patented double bolt thru the complete door fixing method ensures that this cannot happen. Our initial offering, the Burglarybuster 1 is the world’s first ever security solution for effectively securing every type of double opening-outwards French door. While the Burglarybuster 1 secures both double-handled and single-handled opening-outwards French doors, prior to the introduction of the Burglarybuster System no effective remedy existed to secure the single-handled French door. As a result the Burglarybuster System is now recognised as the world’s first ever means of effectively securing French doors containing a single handle and when ordering for Opening-Outwards French doors you should use the reference Burglarybuster 1. The Burglarybuster 1 is neat and discreet and incredibly easy to install, and can also be released in seconds, meaning that in the event of emergency, a speedy exit is assured. As your personal safety is our number one priority, you must understand that once our device has been installed, and even when the existing door locks have been overpowered, the Burglarybuster 1 acts as your vital last line of defence. View the video below for an installation walkthrough.

Burglarybuster 1 Features:

   Instant French Door Security

   Unique and patented ‘double bolt thru the complete door’ fixing method

    Stops Burglars and Prevents Silent Break-ins
    Acts as last line of defence even when existing locks have been by-passed
    Neat & Discreet – easy to Install & release by removing U pin
    Manufactured from mild steel by Zentry
    Colours: White & Chocolate Brown

The Solution – The Burglarybuster 1

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(For opening outward French doors)